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img_1176-2Korja van der Werff (1965) was born in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. She grew up in Sneek ( in the north of the Netherlands)  When she was a child she wanted to go to the art academy, but she did not expect she could live from the art. She became a teacher and liked being creative with the children.
A view years ago she followed her artistic talent and she started doing intensive lessons and masterclasses at different art academies. For example the Wackersacademie in Amsterdam and the traditional art Academy in Groningen.  She became a portretpainter doing mainly traditional oilpaintings.
Since january 2014 she discovered a totally new way of working and painting.



Since january 2014 Korja dicovered a unique style  of painting. She found out that she could make cartoonportraits with her non – dominant hand, with her left hand.
She discribes it as not “being in the prison of the lines”, but feeling artistic freedom.
dansen in de hemel


Korja gets inspiration from the people around her. She asks neighbors and passengers if she can make pictures of them. Next she makes a sketch and finally turns this into a cartoon portrait.

Korja was touched by painters like  David Hockney (1937- nu) and his graphic landscapes
and Chaim Soutine (1893-1943), a  Russian Jewish painter, also known as painter of the soul.
And last but not least http://pablo picasso with his beautiful drawings and the way he just needs a few lines to say everything.

Study overview

masterclass Art academy Friesland http://kunstacademie friesland
A masterclass from different artists , with inspirational lessons and readings.

Summer 2015

Randmeer Masterclass drawing. “Door de gewoonten heen

Spring 2015

Portrait education : portrait drawing and painting.
at Wackers Art Academy Amsterdam


2013 – 2014

Fine art painting  Martin Sijbesma in Kubaard.

November 2013
“Intensive painting”, theme: color , by Maarten Welbergen.

Juni 2013
Masterclass by Luk van Driessche “Le plaisir du dessin”, art of omission.

Maart 2013
Masterclass Sam Drukker (portrait painter of the year  2011)
How to use color and your own style, how to make a good composition was the theme of this masterclass.

sam drukker

Fall 2012
“Intensive painting” by http://Maarten Welbergen.
To make an accurate portrait in 4 days
najaar 2012 suzanna, modelstudie 60 x 80

Voorjaar 2012
“Intensive portrait painting ” by http://maarten welbergen .

January 2012
During “de realismebeurs” in Amsterdam, workshop Sam Drukker. Theme: tonality.

December 2011
“A closer look”; masterclass eyes, nose en mouth by Maarten Welbergen.

Autumn 2011
Masterclass child portrait by Irma Braat.

Summer 2011
Summer workshop Modern Portrait, Wackersacademie, by http://irma braatI.
Two portraits a day, for five days, learning to make a quick and accurate portrait.

2009 – 2011
1 jaar basictraining, Klassieke Academie Groningen.

2008 – 2009
Orientation year , Minerva. Art academy Groningen.

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