Welcome to visual artist Korja van der Werff.

Korja van der Werff’s style of painting is unique, she calls it her “cartoon style”. She does paintings on request, but also makes free work.

“Using my left hand instead of my dominant (right) hand, I call my cartoonsyle. It creates cartoony landscapes and figures, completely different from a traditional painting. In just a few lines I capture the essence of the message I want to tell the viewer. It creates original and sometimes humorous lines even, which never fail to surprise and fascinate me

Later on I add color using my right hand.


In order to make a painting I need several different pictures. Using these pictures I will make a design, which we will look at together. Next the design will be put on the canvas and completed by using oil paint. The process takes about 6 weeks, including the drying of the paint.  




Experiment Suprise Painting

In this experiment the participants were only allowed to use their non-dominant hand (for example the left hand, for a right-handed person) . It was about letting go of your inhibitions. Something which can be difficult in your daily life. When people draw using their non-dominant hand, they: – Are allowed to make mistakes – Don’t strive for perfection – Don’t experience performance anxiety – Let go of control To all the participants this experiment felt liberating, it was “quality time just for yourself”. The results were very positive. People were very surprised by and proud of their own creation. This led to a new, unique workshop. I named it “Surprise Painting”.